Adopt a flamingo


Look at them!  Aren’t they cute? They’re just waiting for you! 

You can choose one of our mascots, a flamingo just like you, or one that’s your age. You can also adopt one for your loved ones! There are flamingos for all tastes and budgets. You will then receive news on a regular basis about these majestic birds, and know you’re contributing to a good cause.

By adopting a Pink Flamingo, you’ll be helping the entire species, as well as the wetlands they love so much!



Our favourite flamingos


A birthday? Birth? Wedding? Any occasion is good for offering such a meaningful gift. Adopting a flamingo shows your responsible commitment to biodiversity.    

Every donation, no matter how small, can make a difference! They enable us to continue and to strengthen our nature conservation research. Take sides with Tour du Valat and support actions that help preserve wetlands!

Why not adopt a flamingo for all of your employees, who can choose a flamingo and share its life history with their colleagues? Different packages are available. Have a look!

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