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The project

How will my adoption help protect Pink Flamingos?

Your adoption will contribute directly to the study and protection of Pink Flamingos by funding population monitoring activities and the purchase of equipment needed by bird observers in North Africa and West Africa, and the Middle East.

For example, the purchase of a telescope enables us to observe and record the rings we see much more precisely than with a simple pair of binoculars (from up to 300m versus 50m for binoculars).

Pink Flamingos

Where can I see Pink Flamingos when I travel to the Camargue?

Pink Flamingos can be seen all over the Camargue, so you can see them in all of its lagoons and marshes.  However, some local organisations can help you observe them better or learn more about these magnificent birds. For example, the Bureau des Guides Naturalistes (nature guides office) proposes guided visits (by reservation 06 95 90 70 48 or and the Pont de Gau Ornithological Park are the best places to contact if you really want to learn more about flamingos. Several flamingos in the Camargue family are regularly observed at the Pont de Gau Park.

Who should I contact if I’m looking for documentation on Pink Flamingos in the Camargue?

Many books have already been written about Pink Flamingos. The Tour du Valat has also published a booklet on flamingos that you can download here.

What should I do if I don’t receive any news about my flamingo?

Be sure that you are receiving our e-mails. You can do this by searching in your mailbox for the Flamingo Gazette we send you on a regular basis. If you don’t find any e-mails from us, please send us a message at [email protected]. It could be that your flamingo has not been seen for a long time. Our teams have selected birds that are not bashful, but there may not be very many observers where they are sojourning.

What should I do if I’m not receiving the Greater Flamingo Gazette

This option must be selected for any new adoption. If it was not selected, you can start receiving it by going to your private space in ‘My account settings,’ then ‘account details,’ and checking the box ‘receive the Gazette.’ Remember to save the modifications you make before leaving.

Tour du Valat

What’s the Tour du Valat?

The Tour du Valat is a research institute for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands that was founded by Luc Hoffmann over 65 years ago.

Located in the heart of the Camargue on a 2700-hectare estate (1,845 of which are a Regional Nature Reserve) its activities extend throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Convinced that endangered wetlands can only be saved if human activities and nature protection go hand in hand, it has been developing research and integrated management programmes for decades to foster discussion between users and scientists, mobilise a community of stakeholders, and lobby decision-makers in order to raise  their awareness about the benefits provided by wetlands.

The Tour du Valat has about eighty employees. Its multidisciplinary science team, with fifty experts (in ornithology, botany, hydrology, geomatics, the human sciences and more), develops research programmes on the functioning of wetlands, and tests out different management regimes. Our findings are transferred through training and the innovative projects we conduct with our more than 300 partners! We started our flamingo research programme in 1977.

The Tour du Valat also has a document resource center that is unique in the Mediterranean region. Specialized in wetlands ecology, every year a great number of researchers, professors, and interns from around the Mediterranean Basin come to consult the materials available in it.

Is it possible to visit the Tour du Valat?

The Tour du Valat is a research institute intended especially for research scientists, academics, and nature site managers, but not the general public. Fortunately, you can visit it several times a year at its special events:

  • Our ‘Open Day’ event, usually the Sunday closest to 2 February, for World Wetlands Day;
  • The Camargue festival in early May;
  • The paid guided visits proposed from November to April in partnership with the local nature guides office (by reservation 06 95 90 70 48 or

To be informed about all the events for the general public, please fill out the form on this web page

Technical questions

How much tax will I save by adopting a Pink Flamingo?

All of our adoption plans as well as any donations you make are eligible for a 66%* tax credit of the total amount within the limit of 20% of your taxable net income (art. 200 in the French tax system).

*These tax incentives are only for French taxpayers.

How can I obtain my tax receipt?

Your tax receipt can be downloaded in your personal space.

What if I change my bank / would like to modify the account on which my pre-authorized debit is made?

Contact us to [email protected]

What should I do to stop a pre-authorized debit?

Contact us to [email protected]


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